Terminator : Dark Fate2019

Terminator : Dark Fate Three years after the destruction of Cyberdyne Systems in 1998, Sarah and John Connor were enjoying their life on the beach in Livingston, Guatemala when they were suddenly attacked by a T-800 Terminator. The Terminator is one of the many that were sent back through period by Skynet killed John and then disappears even though Sarah trying to stop the attack.

2020: 2020: The Rev-9 is an advanced Terminator. He is returned to Mexico City in the hope of killing Dani Ramos. Grace, an cybernetically an enlisted soldier, is assigned to defend her in 2042. The Rev-9 disguises it self as Dani’s father, and enters the auto assembly facility where Dani is employed. Grace escapes with her siblings. The Rev-9 makes use of its capability to break into two distinct entities (its cybernetic exterior as well as its the fluid metal’s shape-shifting exterior) and pursue the two and kill Diego. Sarah arrives and disarms both entities for a short time with military-grade weapons.

Grace, Dani, and Sarah escape to the hotel. Sarah claims she discovered them after receiving encrypted messages where the locations of the Terminators were made public. Each message concluded with “For John”, thus giving Sarah to eliminate them before they became threats. Grace declares that John and Skynet aren’t on her radar, but Sarah has been able to eliminate Skynet following the fact that Cyberdyne was shut down. Humanity’s future is under threat by Legion which is an AI created originally to fight cyberwarfare. The system was created in Skynet’s place. The effort to eradicate Legion as an enemy to the human race was unsuccessful. Instead, nuclear weapons were employed. The result was the creation of a nuclear Holocaust which led to the AI forming an entire network of machines that could kill all survivors of humanity. To stop Legion’s attack, the survivors created the Human Resistance and Dani’s fate is directly linked to the conflict.

Grace follows Sarah’s messages in Laredo in Texas. They are able to get past the Rev-9 as well as the authorities as they travel across the Mexico-United US border. But they arrive at their destination, and discover the T-800 that killed John. The T-800 was able to complete its task, and Skynet was gone. It began to become self-aware by studying. It learned from human beings and acquired an awareness. After witnessing Sarah’s pain and being able to detect the temporal shifts, Carl decided that he warned her to inform her of plans to amend their ways. Carl suggests that they help in their battle against the Rev-9. They plan to take down the Rev-9. Sarah reluctantly agrees to join them in Dani’s advantage. In anticipation of the Rev-9’s arrival, Carl says goodbye to the families and advises the family to leave.

Sarah’s friend suggests an army-grade EMP generator. They are snatched by Rev-9, who make the group to take a plane in order to escape, however the EMP generators are destroyed in the shootout. Grace is able to discern the motives of the Rev-9 that Dani is the future commander of the Resistance when they eliminate Legion. The Rev-9 climbed aboard their plane and briefly defeated Carl. Grace, Sarah and Dani were forced to leap out of the plane and into the river, which is next to an hydroelectric station and together with Carl and Rev-9 following close to them.

The group moves in within the facility after being beaten. The Rev-9 is compelled into a rotating turbine by Grace and Carl. This triggers an explosive explosion that severely causes damage to both Terminators and leaves Grace permanently injured. Sarah suffers severe wounds to her endoskeleton of the Rev-9, and Dani must face the issue. Grace is dying Grace who is dying, informs Dani she’ll use her power source in order to take on the Rev-9. Dani is determined to take on the Rev-9 however, she is swiftly defeated. Carl is activated and holds the Rev-9 in place and allows Dani’s Grace’s power source to be used to attack it. Carl is able to drag the Rev-9 and itself across an incline just prior to the power core exploding, breaking them apart.

Dani and Sarah are then able to sit and watch Grace play on the playground together with their families. Sarah is determined to stop the death of Grace and also Legion’s rising. Dani advises Sarah to dress. Grace watches as the couple leave.


Terminator : Dark Fate

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